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Enzo RIMENEZ fucked hard by the sexy Neron

Enzo RIMENEZ is in Madrid and we went to the Boyberry de MAdrid for a soda. Enzo is very hot and when he meets two young, muscular, handsome guys, he decides to go back to work.... A young pussycat with a muscular body ? or a young tattooed latin with drawn abs ! Which one to choose ? he chooses the latino with his hard and thick cock, but the other guy wants to jerk off and join them anyway

Enzo RIMENEZ fucked by Alex CALVIL and his buddy

And then, Enzo RIMENEZ is really back with a series of brand new videos ! We were in Madrid for a whole weekend, and we went to the Boyberry in Madrid. ENzo fell in love with all these beautiful Spanish men, virile and muscular ! ! We are far from Toulouse lol.... Enzo met a sexy Latino, Alex CALVIL and he quickly got on his knees to suck his big cock and give him his ass. ... I had rarely seen Enzo so submissive. Enzo took the Latino back to the apartment... but already when he arrived home, another guy was already waiting for Enzo!!! ! ! !

Enzo RIMENEZ fucked by Andrew X

And yes ! Enzo RIMENEZ is back, with a series of brand new videos ! And it was last weekend, in Madrid, where we were visiting and Enzo fell in love with all these handsome, hairy and muscular guys ! ! When he met the sexy Andrew X at the BoyBerry, he directly gave his mouth and his ass to fuck in public next to other handsome guys who were fucking, and that you will also see in the video! You'll love it ;o)

Enzo RIMENEZ beaten by Tiago DA SILVA

On a weekend trip to Madrid, the beautiful ENZO RIMENEZ discovers this magnificent place that is the BoyBerry Madrid... Two bogosses are there very hot and Enzo is going to dredge them directly. he is going to suck them one after the other, then suck them and one by one, the two young muscular guys are going to cream his ass at the bar. Awesome!! ENzo still as beautiful and sexy with all these years passing... And even hotter

Enzo RIMENEZ fucked by John BRACHALLI

ENzo RIMENEZ is back and in Madrid, he's going to make the most of it. He brought back to the apartment the sexy JohN BRACHALLI, who surprised him by coming with a latino buddy of his... john will be the first to take care of all his holes and the kiss no capote

When Alex CALVIL gives his job to Apolo ADRII

When two actives meet, what happens? Either nothing or one has to give his ass to the other... That's what happened last night ! Failed casting for us even with two actives meeting each other!!! ! ! ! We managed to convince the latino to give his ass to Apolo ADRII, active only ! ! And as you'll see, everyone enjoyed it, as much our blond fucker as our latino who had no problem getting on all fours and getting filled by his buddy!

My own top arab fucker
My own top arab fucker

An extraordinary booty call between the sexy eastern european boy Alex Brand and the dominant arab fucker Dzfuck. The two guys are really into each other and it's obvious. A good and docile passive, Alex Brand licks the good arab cock and takes the big piece in the back of the throat, looking his buddy straight in the eyes. Seeing these beautiful blue eyes and that pumping mouth sucking his big arab dick, it makes Dzfuck very horny. He realy wants to dominate that littly blond bitchy boy. When he takes Alex's beautiful ass, it's not to cuddle it. He fufcks that as realy strong and makes this beautiful guy deeply understand why the arabs guys in France have the reputation of being top fuckers.

Doctor'Le Perv'...

Acidavy is seeing his doctor for a pain he feels on his penis. Doctor Rimenez feels it and tests it to make sure everything is working well. But this gay doctor is a perv. So, he whips out his own cock to get a deepthroat from his patient. Of course, they don't stop there and Enzo Rimenez is bottoming, for once.

Sling Party at Heaven

Fred has been invited to Heaven, a gay bar in Montpellier, by Jesse Royan and Enzo Rimenez. Horny as hell, Jesse picks up a young dude and nails him in the backroom. Soon, Enzo and Fred join in to discover the pleasures of a sling. A really hot four-some that will make you cum at least twice.

Enzo RIMENEZ fucked hard by Apollo ADRII

Here is another video that will remain a legend in French porn ! Incredible to have gathered ENZO RIMENEZ and the pornstar of the moment APOLLO ADRII ! ! Last week end we were in Madrid, and we went to Boyberry ... Enzo immediately noticed the young muscular blond guy, and we made a date in the backroom to fuck next to two other guys that you will also see.... Enjoy ;o)

Protect and Serve

6ft'2 businessman Enzo Rimenez is lucky enough to have Diego Summers on his security staff and his services are called into action one day when there's a breach of the perimeters of Enzo extensive property. But when the house goes in to lock down it quickly becomes evident that the bodyguard has issues with enclosed spaces and it's his employer Enzo that ends up having to comfort and calm him. Loosening his tie for him and getting close up and intimate triggers something in Enzo that he can't hold back. Soon Diego's anxious mind is distracted by other things, like stripping and pounding his master's hole!