Bang Me in the Basement

Time: 15 min

Tybo, a hot French twink, is visiting Lille, in northern France, and he takes advantage of having a free afternoon to go to'Les Bains', a well-known gay bathhouse that he has heard a lot about. Apparently this gay cruising-spot is full of hot French guys, who are horny for some good sex. It will not take him long to validate this theory: no sooner has he started to wander the narrow maze of corridors than he comes across Enzo, a muscular sexy-looking straight-acting hunk. They just exchange lustful looks and here they go! Enzo follows Tybo in the video room and without a word, they sit on the couch and start rubbing their hardening cocks through their towels. Soon, off are the towels and Tybo finds himself with his head in Enzo's lap to guzzle down his friend-of-the-afternoon's dick, which is already fully erect. He gently blows him with a certain savoir-faire, swirling his tongue around the head of Enzo's cock before getting his dick serviced in return by the straight-acting hunk. After expertly fingering Tybo's sweet slightly hairy hole to dilate it, Enzo shoves his thick dick in. He starts energetically boning him doggy-style before moving on to some kind of acrobatic missionary position. Tybo moans louder and louder under Enzo's vigorous thrusts. He exults in the hot ass-drilling he is getting and it shows on his face⦠The straight-acting hunk literally breaks Tybo's ass and this passionate embrace ends in a double cum shot on the French twink's muscular abs and pecs. I think that Tybo is going to keep a fond memory of his trip to northern France⦠When people say that in the North, French people are far more welcoming than in the rest of the country, well Tybo can confirm. Here's another theory that he can validate!

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