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6ft'2 businessman Enzo Rimenez is lucky enough to have Diego Summers on his security staff and his services are called into action one day when there's a breach of the perimeters of Enzo extensive property. But when the house goes in to lock down it quickly becomes evident that the bodyguard has issues with enclosed spaces and it's his employer Enzo that ends up having to comfort and calm him. Loosening his tie for him and getting close up and intimate triggers something in Enzo that he can't hold back. Soon Diego's anxious mind is distracted by other things, like stripping and pounding his master's hole!


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Two salesmen in suits and ties stop on a highway area to piss in the corner. They go back in the car when Enzo Rimenez notices that his colleague did not close the fly of his trousers pants. He then proposes to reassemble it. The two guys in a suit then engage in a hot fuck in a discreet place. French gay porn by Menoboy, with handsome Enzo Rimenez, wearing suit and tie.


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