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794 23
The cute and sexy Enzo leaves South of France to come to Paris and experiment the hottest and roughest sex in the company of CITEBEUR's best models. Banged by Souann the hard West-Indian Stud, under the spell of Bad-Boy Jawel, under the assault of Greg David's XXL cock or in a sensual encounter with Brice Farmer, Enzo get's a unique opportunity to fulfill every CITEBEUR's fan fantasy: To play with the hottest and horniest Studs! The multi-talented Southern boy also gets to swap role and fucks some new boys like Aymeric Deville and Hugo so if you like diversity, versatility and hot boys don't miss FUCK IN PARIS a new great DVD from CITEBEUR!
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Enzo is staying at a friend's flat during his stay in Paris and he organises back to back fuck-sessions to feed is huge sexual appetite. Today he invites Hugo over with the intention of riding his ass. What a coincidence! Hugo is in need of cock up his tight hole! Sit back, relax and enjoy this mouth-watering fuck!

Enzo is still exploring every side of sex while in Paris. Today he has arranged to meet up with Aymeric, a hot muscled skinhead covered with tattoos. Enzo flashes on his smooth rounded and muscular ass and can't help but to fuck it like a true little stud!

When a hot dude from South of France meets another hot dude from Paris you know something even hotter is gonna happen! Brice Farmer the now well-known porn actor meets Enzo for what promises to be the horniest session. Enzo knows nothing of the pleasure of being fucked but he's determined to find out and what better way to start than to have Brice pushing his cock all the way inside him!


Enzo continues his quest for big cocks. Next on the list is Souann, the 9,5 inch West Indian hunk. He is in a for a pretty good ride in the hands of Souann, a real pro when it comes to opening a tight ass like Enzo's. The hot boy is about to feel some real horsepower up his little butt!

The hot Enzo and handsome Jawel lock themselves up in a room. The boys fancy each other and they're off to a sensual start until Jawel turns his attention towards Enzo's ass, licking and fingering it to prepare for what's to come... Jawel on top of Enzo, it's hot and steamy. Don't miss it!

enzo rimenez 24
enzo rimenez 24

Malik (previously seen in Bogoss du Sud DVD) and Enzo take advantage of being in Paris to visit the Glory-hole section of Dark-Cruising. Malik sticks his massive cock through a hole to get it sucked off and Enzo has put on jockstraps making his ass even hotter in the darkroom!

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